What Are Angel Cards? Your Questions Answered

Posted February 15, 2012 by LSloane in Spirit and Soul
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Throughout this article we aim to answer the question what are angel cards. To a beginner or even a sceptic there are many clouded areas surrounding angel cards, this may hinder many from exploring the huge array of benefits and advantages that communicating with angels can offer. Through shedding light on these clouded areas and answering several frequently asked questions we hope to give you a rich understanding into communicating with angels and what angel cards are.

What Are Angel Cards?

What are angel cards? Angel cards, also known as oracle cards on a basic level are a pack of cards that contain different messages and pieces of advice. Your angels guide you or a reader to specific cards as a means to communicate or send messages to you.

  1. Using a single card reading – many will use the card pulled to get an answer to a specific question, to get a message of advice for dealing with a troubling situation or to simply see what message the angels feels is relevant for where that person is at in their life.
  2. Card Spreads – Angel cards are also commonly pulled out and laid into a spread; there are various spreads you can use such as:
  • The one year spread.
  • The past, present and future spread.
  • New love spread.
  • Life purpose spread.

Can We Really Communicate With Angels And Will They Really Help?

We are emerging into a spiritual era and guidance from angels will become even more acknowledged as time progresses.

Years ago communicating with angels was a common practice. It was believed back then that angels were God’s gift to us and we all had guardian angels who were there to support, guide and help us. This belief faded until the turn of the century when we saw the beginning of a shift in societies beliefs and way of living.

If you are only beginning to discover about communicating with angels then you may question why you have never sensed their presence or felt their support or help before; angels do not intercept, provide help or offer guidance unless it is requested of them. They are there to help in whatever way you need it, you only have to ask.

What Do I Do Once I Have Bought My Angel Cards?

It is important that once you have bought a pack you need to slowly and purposefully touch each card. Whilst doing this you need to feel good intentions, love and sincerity towards the cards; you will then begin to sense a connection with the cards. It is also equally important that you cleanse the pack before every use, particularly if you haven’t used them in a long time or if someone else has been using them. To do this you repeat the process of touching every card but at the same time ask the angels to clear any energy from them. You are then ready to begin connecting with your angels.

How Do I Begin My Angel Reading?

Most people after cleansing the cards and connecting with them will then shuffle them, but follow whatever routine feels right for you. You do this whilst you ask your angel for guidance or you can ask a particular question or for a message regarding a particular situation. You can then either stop shuffling and pick a selected number cards from the top or you can fan the cards out and pick at random; if doing this remember to keep the cards in order as it may have significant meaning, or you can select from the top and lay the cards out in a spread.

Who Are My Angels?

You don’t necessarily need to know the name of your angel to communicate with it but it does bring a sense of a closer and intimate connection.

We all have a guardian angel that was assigned to us at birth. This angel is not a relative or loved one who has passed on, these spirits may be with you to give you extra support and guidance but they are not your guardian angel.

To find out your angels name you simply only need to ask. Find a quiet place, relax and try to still your mind. It is then that you can ask. The answer may come into your mind almost instantly. If you are unsure then just ask your angel to give you more signs, these signs may present themselves in a dream or come to you regularly over the course of a few days. If you keep seeing the same name, or hearing it you must trust that this is the name.

Do You Have To Be Psychic Or Have A Gift To Read Angel Cards?

Absolutely not. Everyone has an angel and angel cards are merely a channel for communication with them. With more understanding and practice your intuition will begin to develop and you will learn to listen to it. It is at this point that your angel card readings will make even more sense as your intuition will throw even more light on the message that is provided to you. Intuition must not be confused with psychic abilities though as they are very different. We all have intuition and by listening to yours you will also be able to give friends and loved ones angel card readings.

Do I Need Angel Cards To Communicate With My Angels?

No. Once you have acknowledged the angels presence and begin opening up to their guidance you will find that you may not need to use cards as much to receive their messages. Messages come from angels in the most subtle of ways, but with more understanding and listening to your intuition you will begin to see the messages in your everyday life.

Many people report seeing a number or name several times in a day only to later discover it bears great significance or a newspaper blowing in the wind that settles at your feet on a particular page; these kinds of incidents are also referred to as signs.

Many choose to communicate to their angels in conversation, meditation or pray-like ways; it is a really effective way of asking for help or guidance with a particular problem. But you must always remember to thank your angel for their help.

How Do I Know If An Angel Is With Me?

A lot of the time you will not feel your angels presence, but as mentioned before you will see signs and messages. However, it is believed there are some ways of knowing that your angel is with you:

  • Finding a feather – This is your angels way of telling you that you are on the correct path and they are supporting you.
  • Seeing a bright light or colour in your mind – This is your angels way of telling you that your request has been heard.
  • Feeling a sense of warmth or love – This is particularly noticeable around your heart or in your palms.
  • Smelling the same unusual fragrance – A smell you cannot explain which comes and go’s. This is your angels way of telling you they approve of your actions.
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